Thursday, November 21, 2013

By far the creepiest thing I have ever gotten in the mail.

So today at work I received a letter, addressed to me from "Vernon Hill's Ill" which seemed vaguely familiar to me, so then I glanced at the letter again and noticed a that it came from North Texas.

So at this point I am more than  a little concerned. I open it up to see this. 

Now at this point I am more than a little concerned  I decide well I should probably figure out what is going on. I am getting what almost seems like taunts in the mail. I do a quick background on the domain which was registered by Domains By Proxy, which only heightens my concern. 
So to recap. 
-I am sitting at work, I get a letter in the mail, 
-The letter is not from a company or person 
--The letter contains only a card with "know your trivia" my first and last name attached to a website which is got its information obscured.
--A sticker with my name on it.

The website is a flash animation, (at this point I have scans running on my machine malware antivirus etc) so it asks me very strange questions, "How many captains did the enterprise have", " How many men walked on the moon", "what planet did Leia tell Grand Moff tarkin the rebels were on"

Then at the end it displays a CDW logo and asks a dumb question along the lines of "What is cdw the best at" with some options none of which were "Being creepy and stalkerish". 

Let me know what your thoughts on sending the IT professionals creepy stuff in the mail, because it seems to me that it is a good way to lose business.